Terms and conditions

Mango Hill Books is a small publishing house that uses Amazon as both a POD (Print On Demand) and a distributor. In addition, the majority of its digital titles are exclusive in the Kindle Unlimited subscription. This means that purchases are made on the Amazon store.

Mango Hill Books organizes special offers on its print titles in the form of collections, bundles, and special deals in which exclusive eBooks and gifts, not otherwise available on the market, can be given away.

Due to the nature of these offers (discounted and/or accompanied by additional gift items), the above are not subject to return or refund. Mango Hill Books, however, undertakes to replace any printed copies within 7 days from the date of receipt of the book in case they have serious printing defects at the origin (e.g., missing or reversed pages). The publisher does not assume responsibility in case of damage/loss due to transportation. Amazon uses excellent couriers, but in case you have reason to believe that the carriers in your area are acting like drunken monkeys and you don’t want to take any risk, we recommend buying directly from Amazon itself to be fully covered.

If you have any concerns or questions, please write to sales(@)mangohillbooks.com